negozee partners with Pathward to launch the National Service Bureau Conference

Every year, hundreds of tax pros are interested in learning how to launch a service bureau. Many are confused on how to get started and how to make money.

From taxpayer advance loans to bank product fees, there are many options for service bureaus to offer EROs.

To help these service bureaus learn and grow, negozee has partnered with Pathward to launch the National Service Bureau Conference!

The National Service Bureau Conference is an annual gathering of all tax service bureaus across the nation. In one room you can reach over 1,500 tax offices and over 100,000 bank products.

Service bureau directors and managers exchange ideas, strategies, and best practices.

The Conference includes educational panels, premium networking, and a product showcase so service bureaus can have what they need to sign up more tax offices, produce more bank products, and make more money.

As negozee’s preferred bank product providers, EPS Financial and Refund Advantage will be presenting an educational panel on “how to make more money next tax season”.

Martiza Torres from EPS Financial and Armando Lopez from Refund Advantage will be on the panel to provide great insights and answer questions.

If you have a service bureau, this is a must attend event. To learn more, join our next service bureau meeting May 9 on zoom. During this meeting you’ll learn cyber security best practices.

To learn how EPS Financial and Refund Advantage can help you make more money, click here.

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