negozee partners with Community Tax to help Hispanics with IRS tax debt

Over 11 million Americans owe more that $125 billion in back taxes to the IRS. This number is
likely to grow due to the fast-growing gig economy. For example, many taxpayers driving for
Uber or selling on Etsy are unaware that they are considered self-employed and must pay their
own taxes.

Many of these taxpayers are immigrants or first generation Americans who may not understand
how the nation’s tax system works. To help these residents, negozee has partnered with
Community Tax.

Founded in 2010, Community Tax specializes in tax resolution, tax planning, and tax
preparation. They have helped over 100,000 people resolve back tax issues, especially within
the Hispanic community. This has amounted to over $800 million in resolved tax debt.

“Entrepreneurship is growing very rapidly in our Hispanic community,” commented Tony
, CEO of negozee. “Many of these new entrepreneurs are great at making money, but
may not understand the tax liability that comes with a profitable business. They end up with
huge tax bills come April 15th . This is where Community Tax can help.”

As a partner of negozee, Community Tax will be attending various virtual and in-person events
including ‘Emprende Tax’ in Houston. They will also have an active group on the negozee social
platform, where business owners and tax professionals can ask questions and access various
video articles with information regarding tax resolution.

“The goal of the partnership is to help millions of Hispanic tax pros and business owners
understand that they have options,” commented Paul Rosario, AVP of Client Enrollment at
Community Tax. “negozee is super active in our Hispanic community and are always looking to
provide more value to their members.”

Both Community Tax and negozee are committed to supporting Hispanic immigrant families
and entrepreneurs as they build their wealth and pay their taxes.

To learn more, visit our partnership page.

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