negozee partners with First National Bank of America to help ITIN immigrants purchase homes

According to the Migration Policy Institute, there are over 11 million undocumented immigrants working and living in the United States. Many of these individuals have families with US citizen children and have dreams of owning their own home.

Purchasing a home can be a great first step in building an asset portfolio to grow your wealth. Unfortunately, many of these undocumented immigrants have difficulty accessing capital as they are deemed “too high risk” for traditional lenders.

To solve this problem, negozee has partnered with First National Bank of America!

Through negozee’s educational courses, undocumented ITIN immigrants learn the basics of the US financial system which helps them understand the cost of capital. 

First National Bank of America (FNBA) compliments negozee’s educational programing by offering workshops and webinars on “How to Purchase a Home with an ITIN”.

I’m super excited about this partnership!” said negozee Co-Founder Cristina Villanueva. “Some of our most hard-working contributors to this great nation happen to be ITIN undocumented immigrants. This partnership with FNBA helps them achieve their American dream of owning their own home.”

First National Bank of America (FNBA) has been in the mortgage lending business since 1955 specializing in making mortgages available to the underserved borrower segment. They are an industry leading Non-QM portfolio lender with a vested interest in their clients and are grateful for the opportunity to help people realize the dream of homeownership, nationwide.

“I’ve been waiting for this partnership to come together,” said Martha Galindo, Director of Hispanic Marketing & Strategic Partnerships. “The Latino market has been growing rapidly all across the U.S. We now have a partner to help us reach the ITIN immigrant community”.

To kick things off, negozee and FNBA are hosting an educational webinar on “How to Purchase a Home with an ITIN ” on March 30.

FNBA also plans to participate in negozee’s Hispanic Heritage Month Milwaukee event: Mujeres Emprendiendo Sin Límites taking place on October 14.

Both FNBA and negozee are committed to supporting Latino immigrant families and entrepreneurs as they work toward attaining assets and growing their wealth. To learn more, visit:

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