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Investment dollars will be used to hire content producers, recruit content creators, create and distribute content, market events, execute our premium member acquisition program and upgrade tech innovation for revenue enhancements. 

Investors may purchase negozee shares at a ‘friends and family’ rate of twenty cents ($0.20) per share. The average hold for this asset class “an early stage venture” is three to seven years.

Transferring and assigning is subject to negozee, Inc. board approval.

Our goal is to return between 2x to 5x the investment, within three to seven years. This is a high risk asset class and the return on investment is NEVER guaranteed. An ‘exit event’ happens if we sell our liquidate our assets. That can be via a merger, acquisition, an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or a restructure.

Dividends will also be subject to approval by the negozee, Inc. Board of Directors.

The purchase of negozee, Inc. shares is subject to a signed purchase agreement / term sheet that will be forthcoming.


$1,000 buys you 5,000 shares of negozee, Inc.

$5,000 buys you 25,000 shares of negozee, Inc.